Here you can find information about financial support.



Waff Logo

Vienna Employment Promotion Fund (WAFF)

The waff Opportunity Cheque (Chancen-Scheck) and the Training Account (Bildungskonto) support citizens of Vienna in their vocational training and further education. Information about your eligibility and the application can be found at the following link: We will prepare a cost estimate, which you can submit to the Career and Education Advisory Centre.



AK Education Voucher (Arbeiterkammer Bildungsgutschein)

We support your further education with the AK Education Voucher valued at 120 euros. This voucher can be used for courses marked with the AK logo.

Who is eligible?

You can receive the 120 euro AK Education Voucher if you are a member of the Arbeiterkammer Wien and work in a Vienna company. However, trainees, part-time workers and freelancers are also entitled to receive this voucher.

You can get your AK Education Voucher here:
Service phone +43 1 800 311 311 (toll-free on Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 15:45 Uhr)

How to redeem your voucher:
The AK Education Voucher can either be redeemed all at once or you can split it up over several courses. It is valid immediately and can be used for courses and training modules starting by 31 December of the respective year. Cash redemptions of vouchers or refunds of partial amounts are not possible.


Wiener Bildungspass

Vienna Language Vouchers

The City of Vienna helps immigrants to learn German, (min. 80 lessons): each new immigrant receives an Education Booklet (Bildungspass) from the MA 17 during the Startcoachings. The language vouchers valued at 300 euros and 150 euros can be found on the last three pages of the Vienna Education Booklet.



ÖIF Voucher

The MA 35 issues the Blue ÖIF Federal Voucher to immigrants. If you attend an A2 German integration course, (min. 80 lessons) and pass the ÖIF A2 exam, you will be reimbursed for 50% of the price - max. 750 euros for 300 lessons (UE).

ÖIF Special Quota & Individual Funding

People entitled to asylum and subsidiary protection may apply for a grant to cover the cost of their A2, B1 and B2 German course. This grant is available to those who have received official status as a person entitled to asylum in the last three years. If you want to apply for financial support, we are happy to prepare a cost estimate that you can submit to the ÖIF.



Public Employment Service (AMS)

Our language courses are AMS approved. If you wish to apply for financial support from the AMS, we are happy to prepare a cost estimate for the course you would like to take. This cost estimate should be submitted to your AMS advisor. If you receive the funding, we will reserve a place on the course.


Land NÖ

Educational support Lower Austria

The federal state of Lower Austria supports employees with main residence is Lower Austria in financing their costs of education. The aim is to increase the professional qualification of employees and to secure employment opportunities in the long term.

The application must be submitted here.

What to keep in mind when applying:

The application can be made 13 weeks before the start of the course at the earliest and 2 weeks after the start of the course at the latest.

In order to obtain approval for the grant before the course starts, the application form must be filled out and received by the Office of the Federal Government of Lower Austria no later than 6 weeks before the start of the course.

For more information on educational support in Lower Austria, consult the website or call the number +43 2742 9005-9555 (Office of the Federal Government of Lower Austria).


Cost Estimate

We will need your personal information including name, address and social security number to prepare a cost estimate. Feel free to take our free placement test; this will help to find the perfect course for you. We can send it to you via e-mail. Please send the required information to the following address:


We would be pleased to inform you about the various grant options available during our office hours (Monday-Thursday 8am-6pm; Friday 9am-3pm). You do not need an appointment. Should you have further questions about course dates, prices etc., please feel free to call us (Tel. +43 1 934 60 23).