Free Placement Test


In order to reap the benefit of our services, we recommend taking our free placement test before registering for a course. We provide a free Computer-Adaptive-Test for German. Click on the following link to take the test.

Please take the placement test alone and without any help (dictionaries, mobile phone, etc.). We will contact you as soon as we receive the results and tell you which course is right for you. 

Placement test German


Language levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

A1/A2 Basic User

Levels Listening/Speaking Reading Writing

Can follow speech, which is very slow and carefully articulated and participate in a conversation about a predictable topic (e.g. family)

Can understand simple information (e.g. signs, posters, catalogues)

Can fill in forms (e.g. in hotels) and write a simple postcard, sending holiday greetings.

A2 Can understand carefully articulated sentences and express his/her opinion or wishes in a familiar context and give information about his/her surroundings, family or about him/herself. Can understand information and texts about a familiar topic, e.g. product information, menus, schedules, etc. Can fill in forms and write short texts regarding personal matters. 

B1/B2 Independent User 

Levels Listening/Speaking Reading Writing

Can express opinions about things related to work and leisure time in a limited manner, give advice about a familiar topic and understand carefully articulated information or public announcements. 

Can understand simple texts in plain language about work or leisure time and the main information in non-standardised texts about a familiar topic. 

Can write simple and coherent letters or take notes about familiar topics. 

B2 Can follow a complex argumentation or long speeches. Can communicate spontaneously and fluently, give a presentation and keep a conversation about various topics going.  Can extract relevant information from texts and understand detailed instructions or tips.  Can take complex notes during a conversation/speech and write a report with pros and cons. 


C1/C2 Proficient User 

Levels Listening/Speaking Reading Writing

Can easily understand complex content in meetings and seminars, keep an ordinary conversation going and  talk fluently about abstract topics.

Can perceive and understand stylistic differences in long and complex texts.

Can draft business letters, take detailed notes during meetings and write about complex topics in an appropriate style.

C2 Can easily understand spoken language, regardless of its speed. Can easily talk about complex issues, give advice and understand idiomatic expressions. Can easily understand and read the content and language of every kind of text.  Can write difficult texts in an appropriate style and take complete notes about meetings or seminars.